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Cartouche Maker manages to translate English alphabet to Egyptian hieroglyphs
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Cartouche Maker is a program that translates English alphabets to Egyptian hieroglyphs. Although it is not possible to have an exact translation of hieroglyphs as the Egyptian spelt words phonetically, this program is as close as it gets. If you have the desire for whatever reasons to write your name or any other words in Egyptian hieroglyphs then this program will do it for you. Cartouche Maker has a very simple interface. There is a box for you to write in an English word. The program can only process 12 letters at a time, which you input in the box. You can get the output of Egyptian hieroglyphs, in 9 different styles. The styles are Painted sand, Etched marble, Old papyrus, Kings gold, Old scroll, Karnak column, Thebes gold and Cold blue. The output of hieroglyphs is presented in a vertical way in a box on the right side, in the style you have chosen. You can copy the output to the clipboard, and then paste it into any application you like. The application needs Visual Basic runtime, to run on your computer. This program is meant for entertainment and you should not take it to be a professional translation program.

R. Fernandez
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  • A very simple to use and funny program


  • Accepts only 12 letters
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